Jack’s Code Corner: NFPA 2001- Highlighted 2022 Edition Updates

As with several other NFPA documents, the Technical Committee for the Standard on Clean Agent Fire Extinguishing Systems (NFPA 2001) completed a structural revision and added several new chapters during the 2022 revision cycle.

  • System design requirements for total flooding have moved to a new standalone chapter.
  • Information on the toxicological and physiological effects of clean agent systems have been moved to their own specific annex.
  • A new chapter on impairments has been added as well.
  • New clean agents such as Halocarbon Blend 55 (HB-55) and 60-bar FK-5-1-12 systems are now included in the Standard.

There are several other important changes. Be sure to review the forward of the 2022 Standard for more key information.

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