Commercial Service Software

Service management and customer service features that streamline operations and impress customers so you earn more service revenue.

Schedule Technicians’ Appointments

Remove the complexity of service scheduling workflows and increase productivity.

  • View all of your work orders on a map to create efficient routes.
  • Assign multiple techs to a single appointment.
  • See recurring services so you never miss any contract work.

Dispatch Techs for Emergency Calls

React to inbound service calls in a few clicks.

  • Look up tech progress without distracting them with a phone call.
  • Easily adjust schedules with a drag-and-drop interface.
  • Notify techs about schedule changes in the mobile app.

Empower Techs with Mobile App for Apple and Android Devices

Give techs a rich paperless view of each appointment.

  • Clock in and out of every work order with GPS tracking on a mobile device.
  • Take pictures, record audio notes, digitize paperwork, and capture the customer’s signature to document the work order.
  • Record deficiencies and items found for repair with pictures and video that the office can put on a quote.

Built-in Quoting Creates More Repair Revenue

Customers approve online quotes with photos at 3X the rate of estimates sent as email attachments.

  • Build professional, accurate estimates with photos in just a few clicks with info from the mobile app.
  • Assign quote ownership and monitor progress at every stage until it’s approved.
  • Make it easy for customers with online quotes that include one-click approval or revision requests.

Service Portal: Online Customer Portal

Customers log in to their online portal account on your website.

  • Self-service portal shows service history and upcoming appointments.
  • Collect new service requests from customers in online forms that feed into FieldExpert for followup.
  • Choose what information is included to give the best customer experience.

Service Link: Share Online After-Service Reports

Improve customer satisfaction with a branded online after-service report.

  • Impress customers with a mobile-friendly online job summary.
  • Share photos, videos, audio notes, digital paperwork and inspection forms as evidence of your work.
  • Provide evidence of new issues so the customer is expecting your quote.

Business Analytics Reporting

Monitor the performance of your service operations. Find new opportunities to earn more, impress your customers, and operate more efficiently.

  • Customize reports by selecting the data and a report format you want.
  • Maximize revenue by measuring each step of the sales funnel.
  • Track the performance of employees in the office and in the field.

Service Review: Stand Above Your Competitors

Collect online reviews from happy customers to impress your prospects.

  • Reviews are automatically posted to Google and your website.
  • Positive customer reviews motivate prospects.
  • Request reviews as part of your service appointment workflow in the mobile app.

Project Management Designed for Service Contractors

Manage service and projects all in one platform. 

  • Stay on budget and on track.
  • Keep everyone up to speed.
  • Manage service and projects all in one platform.

Support and Services

Our in-house customer success team will get you up and running and help find new ways to use technology to solve your business problems.  We offer:

  • Onboarding
  • Live support
  • Online certification courses
  • Advanced professional services

Accounting Integrations

FieldExpert integrates with accounting systems and shares critical data.

  • Improve accuracy with data migration for fewer mistakes.
  • Invoice customers faster by eliminating manual data entry across multiple systems.
  • Reduce days sales outstanding (DSO) with faster invoicing.

Frequently asked questions


FieldExpert works exclusively with commercial service businesses and is designed to streamline commercial-level operations, including service delivery within long-term contracts, regulated inspections, preventative maintenance plans, light construction project management, and equipment-level data management.

When choosing software, you should consider the unique needs of your commercial service business and whether the software is designed to meet them. Some important features to look for include commercial level dispatching, quoting, invoicing, and scheduling tools that can manage preventative maintenance and recurring services. Another feature that separates commercial service software from residential software is the ability to share and maintain service history records for each piece of equipment in any given building. Project management, time tracking, automated customer communications and accounting integrations are also important features for commercial contractors.

The right commercial service software will bring efficiency, profitability, and scalable growth to commercial contractors. By streamlining operations in the field and the office, your team can do better and prioritize the most valuable work each day while reducing stress and burnout. FieldExpert centralizes service data, creating one hub where your entire team can easily find the information they need enabling efficient workflows from scheduling to invoicing. Powerful analytics use this data to report key metrics to measure business performance and inform important business decisions. 

Commercial service software is designed specifically for contractors that perform maintenance and inspection services to the equipment in commercial and industrial buildings. FieldExpert has a rich history partnering with fire protection and life safety, MEP service contractors in mechanical, electrical, and plumbing, commercial HVAC, boiler systems, chiller systems, and commercial or industrial refrigeration. 

See how FieldExpert will work in your commercial service business.